GOSSRA Demonstration

Madrid, 20th of February 2020

The GOSSRA Consortium has successfully demonstrated the capabilities and benefits of the developed Generic Open Soldier System Reference Architecture (GOSSRA) in Madrid on the 20th of February 2020!

European Defence Agency, European Commission and Stakeholder, mainly MoDs, from several EU-Countries were present at site, observing the demonstration.

GOSSRA Demonstration Group Picture (Madrid, 20th of February 2020)

A live scenario, showing interoperability of soldier systems from three different countries, was presented by Koen van Veen and Dr. Norbert Härle. The individual nations’ Soldier C4I displays were projected in split mode onto a large screen where it could be observed that own positions, contact and sightings, coordination information, general information and sketches were exchanged in the same operational picture at each nation while a predefined scenario was executed. Additionally, a live video stream was provided, showing the users equipped with the different nations’ Soldier Systems carrying out the scenario.

GOSSRA Live Scenario, presented by Koen van Veen (right) and Dr. Norbert Härle (left)

Further-on, several use-cases were presented by the GOSSRA Team, explaining the solution and added value of the GOSSRA Architecture to a real life problem, experienced in the soldier system domain.

Use-Case Presentation by Rosa Ana Lopez Mazuelas

Use-cases were about (please see end of this post for more details):

  1. LEAN multinational device interchangeability
  2. Coalition power support
  3. Supporting innovation speed
  4. Tactical UxV/DSS video streaming
  5. Seamless data exchange via radio (VMF & VOIP)
  6. Infield bulk data exchange

The GOSSRA Demonstration was a huge success and the team received plenty of extremely positive feedback.

Mario Martinho (Project Officer, EDA) stated: “Excellent demonstration, which highlighted the added value that GOSSRA is offering for the standardization of Soldier Systems. Outstanding performance and great results only achievable with a deeply committed, motivated and highly professional consortium!”

On behalf of the GOSSRA Consortium I would like to thank our stakeholders for their interest in the project and also for their valuable feedback, which we will consider within the finalisation of the Architecture.

The project itself is an excellent example of Team-Spirit within an European Project. Focusing on a common goal, disregarding country boarders or company origins, a great team arose. Marco Stella (Larimart S.p.A.) stated “…meeting the team is like meeting family…”

As Project Manager, I am thankful, being part of this great team. I do enjoy the productive work and warm atmosphere and also, on behalf of RHEINMETALL Electronics, I’d like to thank our partners / friends in the consortium.  

The GOSSRA project will end on the 31st of March 2020 and the resulting Generic Open Soldier System Reference Architecture will be handed over to the NATO Land Capability Group Dismounted Soldier Systems (LCG DSS) in order to be implemented as NATO STANREC.

Erik Wimmer

Project Coordinator GOSSRA,
Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH, Bremen

Use-Case 1
Use-Case 2
Use-Case 3
Use-Case 4
Use-Case 5
Use-Case 6

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