Newsletter II

The GOSSRA-Team closed the second project phase successfully in June 2019. We have now reached the third and last project phase.

The “Extended GOSSRA Architecture Document Draft 2 Version 2” was produced with focus on operational issues, maintenance and logistics, and technical issues. It is the main result of the second project phase and represents a comprehensive architecture, covering all important aspects of a Soldier System. It includes following views (mostly following NAF v3.1): All View (NAV), Summary, Background View (Stakeholder Engagement, Key Soldier Issues, Concepts, Technologies, Business View, Overview on Current Soldier Systems), Capability View (NCV), Operational View (NOV), Service Oriented View (NSOV), Security View, Technical View (NTV), and System View (NSV).

The project is in close contact with the “NATO LCG DSS, C4I&A Working Group” (the body where the standard is intended to be proposed) and the EDA “CapTech Land” and gives regular briefings. Major deliverables and project status were presented to the EDA at the Progress Meeting 2, in Brussels. The meeting was a huge success as we passed milestone two and received positive feedback of the provided deliverables from EDA.

The team is now working on the architecture to be proposed for standardisation and the accompanying formal architecture generated by Enterprise Architecture from SparxSystems Ltd. This architecture will then be validated and demonstrated to Stakeholders in February 2020.

Best regards from Bremen,

Erik Wimmer,
GOSSRA Project Coordinator
Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH

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Newsletter I

The Stakeholder Workshop 1 was carried out by the team on the 29.01.2019. Twelve nations including internal and external stakeholders participated the workshop, e.g. MoDs. Both meetings were a huge success as we received positive feedback from EDA and the acceptance of the provided deliverables.
Nevertheless, we have reflected the meeting and will also work to improve the upcoming ones taking in account the lesson’s learned and feedback. Closing Milestone I is also a good moment within the project to say THANK YOU for your time and effort you are spending to make the project a success.
A further important thing, which I’d like to highlight, is the great cooperation and teamwork across nations and companies within the project. Booth makes a difference! 

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” (Michael Jordan)

So let us use the momentum to carry on successfully and to achieve our common goal!

Best regards from Bremen,

Erik Wimmer
Project Coordinator
Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH

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