GOSSRA “on track”

GOSSRA is on track and has closed the first project phase out of three!
We now reached Project Phase II.

The GOSSRA Team has just made a huge step forward by achieving Milestone I successfully! Major deliverables and project status have been presented to the EDA at the Progress Meeting 1 in Brussels. Stakeholder Workshop 1 was visited by four internal and thirteen external stakeholders, e.g. MoD and companies. Thereby twelve nations were present, representing MoDs and companies. Both meetings were a huge success as we received positive feedback from EDA and the acceptance of the provided deliverables.

The delivered Future Development Document highlights current capability gaps and indicates solutions based on new and upcoming technologies.

Further, the second iteration of an Architecture for Soldier Systems, which is a consolidation of the previous merge of the STASS I and II architectures, has been finished and already provides a good overview on aspects to be considered for Soldier System development and possible solutions. This Soldier System architecture will be further defined in a next iteration and builds the bases for the NATO standard proposal.

I’d like to highlight the great cooperation and teamwork across nations and companies within the project which both make a difference!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” (Michael Jordan)

Best regards from Bremen,

Erik Wimmer
Project Coordinator

Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH